Rent Storage

Small (5 x 10 x 8)

Drive to unit. A small unit 5' deep by 10' wide. Can hold a chest of drawers, office file boxes, chairs

$110 / month

Regular (10 x 10 x 8)

Outside unit, drive to your unit. 10' wide by 10' tall space. Good for one bedroom apartment including some appliances

$120 / month

Large Unit (10 x 15 x 8)

Outside unit, drive to the space, holds furnishings of a two bedroom apartment including some appliances. Holds some compact vehicles (be sure to measure)

$160 / month

Waiting List

Extra Large (10 x 20 x 8)

Drive right to unit, holds the furnishings of a 2-3 bedroom residence. Can hold compact and some full size vehicles.

$180 / month

Waiting List

Jumbo (10 x 25 x 8)

Drive to the unit. Holds the furnishings of a 3-4 bedroom residence, most vehicles, boats, trailers.

$200 / month

Waiting List

Parking (35 x 15 x 10)

Outdoor parking spaces for long or short term parking of vehicles, boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles.

$120 / month